In the current time of socioeconomic challenge, it is wise to know how to contact your elected officials. Our top "3" reasons for when the occasion may arise include:

YOU WANT TO SOUND THE ALARM ABOUT PUBLIC POLICIES: Policies made at the federal, state or local levels of government may have a direct impact on you, your family, the environment or community in which you live, work, play or pray.

As such, outreach to your elected official/s provides the opportunity to articulate your perspective about the impact and outcomes of public policies.

YOU WANT TO EXPRESS APPRECIATION - JUST SAY THANK YOU: Not only do many elected officials keep their fingers on the pulse of the values, needs and concerns of constituents whom they represent - but they also act concurrently to move the needle north! If this describes your elected official/s, prioritize time in your schedule to express your appreciation to just say "thank you."

YOU WANT THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE A CHANGE AGENT: The creation of legislation at federal/state/local levels should always be informed by accurate facts, input from individuals residing in communities that will be affected, and unbiased subject matter expertise. If you have something to offer - don't be shy! Reach out to your elected official/s and by all means, MAKE it known that you want a seat at the table as a CHANGE AGENT!