RETIRING? France Awaits You!

RETIRING? France Awaits You!

Easy going. Gourmet lifestyle. Excellent and affordable healthcare. Modest cost of living. Lower taxes. Geographic convenience. These are among the top reasons that France is on the short list of places for choosing to retire in Europe. 

For us European travel enthusiasts, knowing that France shares its border with eight different neighbors is enough to send your imagination wild! Did someone say cosmopolitan? Indeed, France is the place to be!

The country's unusual hexagon shape was affectionately coined by its beloved citizens, and whether you decide to settle in sunny Nice or the fairy tale lore of the Provence, just know that the options for exploration are as endless as the chances to experience a taste of something new and amazing.  

What's affordable? Most certainly, Paris will not be in this equation, even for a tiny studio apartment residence. And while the city's hosting of the 2024 Summer Olympics may be a windfall for real estate investors, the underbelly will be a huge obstacle for those planning to rent or buy in 2024.

Post Olympics for retirees, however, a significant percentage of France is actually affordable! Coupled with the TGV high-speed rail service, who needs to live in expensive Paris? The renown City of Light is within 30 minutes to 6hrs of most of the country. All aboard please!  

Preparation is key. And the more months out from relocation the better! Below are some important things to consider: 


1. Obtaining a Long Stay Visa

2. Movement of Household Goods

3. Creating a Bank Account

4. Where to live in (Rural or Urban)


There is so much of France to see, and experience are the words commonly used to characterize the country! All in all, according to the 2024 Annual Global Retirement Index (International Living) - the country holds ninth place among Top 10 rankings of best places to retire.


Am I convinced? Absolutely! Leave us a comment if you are convinced too. 


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